How to recover Ymail password.

Ymail is now one of the most popular email services along with Gmail, Outlook … To secure your Ymail account, Yahoo recommends that users change Ymail password regularly, so sometimes you may forget your password. In this case, don’t worry because the password recovery process by is very simple.
In this post, we explain you how to recover your Ymail password without creating a new account.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to address https://yahoo.com/ to log in to your account.

Step 2: Enter the most recent password that you can remember then click “Forgot password” to continue.

Step 3: Here, type your ymail address in the blank and click “Continue” as shown below:

Step 4: In this step, service provider will send a verification code to your phone number that you have used when signing up your ymail account. Select “Yes, text me an Account Key” to get verification code.

Step 5: Check your SMS and enter the verification code in the box below and click “Verify” to continue.
Click “Continue” then the browser automatically log in to Ymail with your old password. Your password will be saved on the web browser, this does not ensure the safety of your account. So you should click “Create a new password”. 
Type your new password and confirm in the under field. Then click “Continue” to complete.

Thus, you have changed your Ymail password successfully. In the next time, you will use this new password to log in to your Ymail account.


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