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Ymail is a web-based email services (webmail) from Yahoo! – the largest email provider on the Internet that serves millions of users in the world currently. The main competitors of Yahoo! Mail include Hotmail, Gmail, AIM Mail.

Yahoo! Mail Beta, an upgraded and different version, is developing and will replace the current version of Yahoo! Mail when completed. Yahoo! Mail Beta will release in July 2004, although the prototype may be developed before 11. Currently it is compatible with Internet Explorer 7, Camino as well as Firefox (apart of Yahoo’s project – upgrade all their components to be compatible with Firefox.). Although users can use ymail  with Opera, there are some picture problems in the layout.

Signing up Ymail account is not complicated, just with some simple steps you own an account as standard. You can refer to our detailed instructions on how to sign up an ymail account here.

Some outstanding features:
  1. Free version: unlimited storage, 10MB attachments, protection from spam and viruses. Ads are displayed on the screen while working on the account. In some countries, free account users can read messages from POP3 server (not in the US). However, if they want to send email from a remote SMTP server, they must upgrade to a Plus account. The accounts are not signed within four months will be disabled (Account can be recovered, but all personal information will be lost). Each free Yahoo! account will be deleted after the next four months. In early 2006, Yahoo! Mail introduces alias to the list of available features. Users can now add (only) an alias user name that contains a dot character (“.”) to their account.
  2. Business: 2 GB, limit of 10 E-mail account. Yahoo! Business E-mail is the combination of all the email services with 10 different accounts, each account has the features of the “plus version”, personalized domain name and email address. These accounts will be managed by an administrator. Service fee is $ 25 for registration and $ 9.99 monthly fee.
  3. In addition, users can pay $ 35 per year to have five optional email address and a domain name.
  4. Ymail underline addresses and phone numbers in the email, and allows users to add them to your address book.
Let’s create an ymail account, then log in to your account to experience incredibly useful features that ymail brings.
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