Some cool tips in Ymail

Here are some cool tips to help you use Ymail more effective and convenient.

Delete spam messages faster

By default, Ymail spam messages will be deleted after a month. It makes the spam item more bulky and also makes you manage it harder (because Yahoo! sometimes automatically move non-spam messages to spam folder, if there are more messages, the filtering process takes more time). So, set up Ymail to delete spam messages faster by going to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in Empty Spam folder section, choose the time to delete spam emails is once a week. In Block images section you select Always show images, except in the Spam folder and then Ymail always display images in the mail, even with the messages in the spam folder.
Block unwanted emails   

Gmail and Hotmail have ability to transfer disrupting emails in the trash but not have the ability to block messages from these email addresses. Particularly Ymail provide solution for you to block emails from any unwanted address. To do that, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the Add a blocked address button, enter the email addresses you want to block and click Add. You are allowed to block up to 500 emails at the same time. To unblock any email, click on it and then click Remove.

Stop blocking but can not chat

Previously you block someone in Yahoo! Messenger, now you do not block them more but you cannot chat with them in Ymail although you can still chat with them in Yahoo! Messenger as normal. The cause for this is that their email address still in the “black list” of the chat application. To chat with someone again, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in Blocked Chat IDs, select their email address then click Delete to remove it from the blocked list. Now you can chat with them normally.

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